This noodle craze! Disclaimer: I don’t expect a mere creative piece like this to disrupt the income and economics surrounding indomie and the envied brand but reflection on….Take-away food ,biz. The nutritionists and doctors might evaluate things better, whether the now added staple of spaghetti has more benefits than setbacks. My evaluation is mainly based on a debilitating experience and the scanty nutrition knowledge I have. Somewhere last year, I had substantial money on me, than usual and devil did find work for me. That whisper definitely was from the devil and it sounded like’ indomie party’. I must have consumed indomie on three different occasions same day. It tastes yummy! I was to count my loses later. Within about a week I had boils all over, some overt and others in sacred locations. Things got so bad I had to report at the hospital, because 1 stubborn boil found its way in my genital area. The brush Physician Assistant didn’t agree I had those boils because of the indomie meal perhaps because he was not privy to in-depth information. Henceforth, there should be circumspection in the preparation. For instance, we can use vegetable oil or olive oil. For adults oil must be as scanty as possible. And the food and drugs authority must be up and doing as regards the brands. I consumed not the indomie brand itself but the raw winding tall type or Talia as in local parlance. Ghanaians have some of the best dishes around for both children and adults. Ga komie ke shito with fish, Nkontomire, cassava, yam, palaver sauce, agushie, egg stew, all forms of rendition of the ewe okra soup. The light soup, fufu well masticated and going with ebunu ebune-u with snails, prekese soup. The various leafy soups gboma, adeeme, ayoyo soup Tuo zaafi etc etc. Hibiscus drink, fruit juice, naturally consumed fruits: mango pepper, orange, pawpaw with antioxidants power Non communicable disease such as Hbp, obesity, diabetes, cancer etc are creating havoc around! Africans have a version for everything. Look at how Usain Bolt runs the 100metres in 9.58 secs, listen to Tupac and Jay Z rap and rattle the English language; the queens’ language on programmed beats. And Beyonce and Rihanna twerk to hard metal songs. Look at what we have turned the Whiteman’s parliamentary democracy; In Ghana it’s literally ‘bite and let me bite’ or “ke bi mame nke bi” . Now it’s not the real indomie but various brands of spaghetti with sometimes two or more eggs all haphazardly and rhythmically prepared to beat time and our children and society are the targets for the plans of Satan to snuff out fire, literally catch them young…Bob Marley kill them before they grow…! HURRICANE ARABA…….0542071082

Lets call a spade spade and not a big spoon! When Mahama worn the presidency…the amalgamation of events leading to ,made me not sleep that whole night. I lay in bed from about 1am till 5am. Not once did i close my eyes overcome with joy and excitement . Reminiscing things like how a swallow was caught on camera descending on him like Jesus of the Bible had a dove declaring him as the chosen one. Someone who slept one night and woke the next day as the substantive commander in chief without battling an election and the sweet defeat of the socialist over capitalism and a most elegant John personality for the 4th consecutive time as head of state. If I were as handsome I will mary an Oyibo* or even Afro American…Tony Braxton and let my detractors eat sand and cry their bowls out. 3 most embarrassing moments of the Mahama reign; When he was chopping love right infront our eyes. Meet the press and Mahama was toasting a girl right infront of our eyez and on national TV. “Good to see you”. When you have Tundra…somehow you want to pity the Ticos in skimpy crusades… And thats dangerous. She’s even a born one. He even went the extent of telling a TV station, a private one that they should consider reinstating her. I think it was rather an order. Such girls it takes ‘moment of brilliance to open them’. If you dont trust me just look back at her Baby Daddy and his Nickname. I believe its Osib)* or something to that effect(Tiger ,simple). Even the commander in chief has to be composed. Genevieve the Naija actress and Joclyn Gh actoress are product lines along Nana Aba. You prevail or/and perish. Ask president clinton… 2 Muntie 3. Even God is described as getting angry in several not isolated episodes in the Good Book. Watch those guys who have pleasant disposition constantly. And cant intimidate their appointees… Hippos* inside. They are hippopotamus. The chimps will agree they are ugly but the hippos are on a different pedestal. Set up committee ! Set up committee ! Problem to be solved without battling an eyelid or getting erect. When your child goes wrong you spank him with the left arm and embrace him with the right. Kuffour had course to axe the speaker Ala Adjettey.Dr Dr Rawlings burst out severally. I need evidence to believe he was on those hallucinogens.Mills was out of the ordinary. Some of his smiles were embedded anger. Fantes make jokes all the time even laid in state. 3 Babies with sharp teeth.Dr Rawlings embodies the soul and spirit of the NDC. The mystery of the NDC is him. Dr Rawlings against NDC is no NDC. Back to square one, its called. Pacify him. Rally about him.Console him / consign him. If Dr Rawlings says there were babies with sharp teeth. Its a prophecy. Mahama Positives… 1His charming personality. And how he handled the death of Prof Mills with unequalled maturity, holding a country in grief together ,in unity of purpose and spirit. Providing us a big brothers huge shoulder to lean on and cry. How he handled the twin disaster of June 3.Absolutely griefing Providing again ,a shoulder to cry on and giving financial package to the griefing. Annual remembrance walk. I think shedding tears was rather extreem.Men dont shed tears in public…its not Black African. But trust a full blooded politician he has the genes and it was likely a political gimmick. 2 Tangible Infrastructure development, health posts and the E-block secondary schools. The Kwame Nkrumah interchange. Upgrade to Northern regional hospital ,development and health posts . Thanks to president Mahama I bath atleast 2twice a day now. My nieces were like :”uncle you are developing scent” cos I had to ration water.Gone was when we were relying on well water. Water is in every nook and corner of Madina. All you do is do bits of connection to the nearest station.Populace claim… its possible that Ebola was scared of Mahama…unlike convid 19 has invaded Nana Addo regime. Excellency Nana Addo will have to prove critics wrong! 3 Reform in education. Transition of politechnics to technical university handled by the most affable and brilliant Samuel Okudzato Ablakwa. Deliberate non intrusion in the affairs of Varsities. NPP so power drunk they have taken politics to the vice chancellor office. And Talk of Okudzato Ablakwa I cant believe my beloved Democrats have become bereft of Ideas. So as to rely on Mahama ticket once again. Well, the capitalist/patriots can present Akuffo Addo for a 3rd time bulldozing their way to power. Well, in Political science its called force majeure. Its part of politics. This country will burn. Napoleon Bonaparte’s leadership and the French revolution etc. etc Its coup in different clothes. The Dankwa-Dombo Busia tradition superlative =”fear and panic”. Democrats are along the tradition of CPP. Nkrumah was never bereft of ideas. Infact, he was brewing with more and more…He handed the so called lawyers extraordinaire ‘founding fathers’ the most humiliating defeat of their lives and most went to their graves still bitter. How did they chase a champion out of their camp.Envy simple! Nkrumah was peerless and most powerful Blackman in his time. Hanoi was his destination to resolve a dispute of the vietnamese when coup occured. Even Asia recognised him. He took less than 3years (interspersed with convictions) from 1948 disturbances to 1951 to become Prime minister and head of government. And was he HANDSOME. Its well known fact that Mahama Augmented the NDC ticket and provided synergy with Prof Mills to humiliate the NPP in 2008. And in 2012 he used about 6months to humiliate the NPP flag bearer again for which the election petition was triggered at the supreme court. Total Balderdash.. Who says with today’s technology NDC cant market a Spio or Ablakwa or Haruna Iddrisu comprehensively within the time frame we have left until next elections. Spio is a born leader. The Ahwoi brothers must be charitable and Magnanimous. After all, he is your fellow fante. It adds to rather than subtract from fante confederacy. He is not your equal when it comes to brilliance. Perfect rest to your matriarch who was over 100yrs. Its a matter of subjective and not deductive reasoning. If he fails like Saul of the Bible he would have to fall on his own sword. Self destruct. I can’t tell if Mahama is still the chosen one. The fleece experiment of Gideon in the Bible is not available to us. But our great president can make a u turn. Its called selflessness. Today when the office of the special prosecutor has been established and the auditor general role is a superstar* proportion post.. You couldn’t steal then, What makes you think you can now. YOU ARE SIMPLY NOT A THIEF. ALHAJI ESSUMA BANDAH PASSION AIR ROLAND AGAMBIRE RLG ABEDI PELE NANIA FC, Marseille DR EDWARD MAHAMA GYNAE PROF EDMUND DELLE RABITO CLINIC IBRAHIM MAHAMA ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS EASTWOOD ANABA FGCI ..are among northerners who built empires from scratch. Northerners are known to send their offspring to college selling kola nut. Watchmen have taken all 9 children through tertiary. I can’t tell what spirit is involved . If Your excellency was to abdicate the role as NDC flagbearer and set up a think thank or NGO or office of president Mahama …the inflows and direct foreign donation would outweigh whatever meager resources you would earn as a president of Gh again. And NB.. president of Ghana means you oversee all the witches/ wizards in Ghana. You oversee the Nogokpo and Klikor shrines , powerful Antwa Nyama and priests and priestesses. And northern deities.Prof Mills was a sportsman extraordinaire .Lively vivacious vice-president very fleshy until the vicissitudes of the Ghana terrain painted him frail looking emaciated and sickly. Your first reign you turned grey completely. When you are slapped in the spiritual world that can get you concussed and lead you to an early grave. Then you know power pass power. !!!…. The presidency is not the preserve of any one individual. Goodluck Jonathan is content with a term. Convid 19 and Ebola has made us know that until christ appears humanity is to battle worst and worst epidemics. NB How Azumah Nelson was considerate and Magnanimous to Jeff Fennech third time around. First two instances, even in his own backyard ‘father and son chorus was’ composed. We all know between you and the current dispensation who is superior. Don’t go chasing after your kid bro just endure a feeble slap.

See the pot calling the kettle black When the whiteman met with us he said we wére primitive. We were wearing clothes best suited to our weather. Calico covering the breasts and genital area, for the female gender and cloth for men because of the heat. Today we are vindicated. The bikini is worst. And what some of the models wear are at best crimes against humanity. Exposure of motherhood and very suggestive. The colonial government prescribed suit plus tyre in this hot climate that can rise to 70 plus degrees Fahrenheit.The international students are mostly in flip flopps. Plus short attire. Shoes have their designated roles. Whatever makes the European feel superior.When our mothers are covered in cloth they claim Oh! She’s too old…she’s isnt fashionable. When we wore clothes friendly with the weather they claimed *we are naked* Two professors have been interdicted for “in appropriate behaviour”. They are to lose salary and active role for 6 months. The only evil was foul language. Professors that have gone through the mill. From degree level the’ve endured exposure . Indecent exposure! Coquettish language and behaviour associated with the youth and sexually active segment of society. And have earned scars/ qualifications ,All the way to professor status. No mean climb /achievement .Some of evidence against the professors is not up to 15minutes long. Who rears fowls and feeds on the meat of hawks.” Hena na onyen nkuk) no owi peetee”. I believe its only in situations where coitus can be established that crime has been commited.And In cases such as stalking and excesssive force . The women professors give your male students deep hugs when your efforts to impact knowledge has witnessed fruition. Shall we be scared of our own daughters who are in the most provocative and suggestive wears. Even angels could not resist the daughters of Eve…!!!. Who came up the concept of sexual revolution? Who’s more liberal with their sexual orientation than the west ?At 16yrs of age you could bring a boyfriend home and damn your parents to open their mouth against you.In Africa ,16 yr olds sleep in their mother’s bed and are made to do Dipo* or girl initiation rites.They are mainly errand girls. Sometimes the female gender have mannerism not coteminous with pleasure seeking. Do away with her completely! The buttocks of man is congrous to that of the woman . There’s equality. So the birth of Gayism. There are Transgender. Masseurs, strippers , Adult actors etc. Whatever gave birth to Fetishism. Legalised prostitution manifested as Adult actors or Porn stars. Mini skirts … Our minds are bombarded with expilicit sexual behaviour on a daily basis. We’ve learnt to do explicit scenes in our music videos, movies and adverts. Explicit language in commercials sell like ‘hot dogs’. There’s twerking and live sex and more twerking. The Bible says whoever decides to carry fire in his bossom and will not get burnt. Unfortunately Africans are fast learners. We take things to the extreme as against Hindi movies and Asian films where sex is not their agenda. We must proclaim at all avenues that promiscuous behaviour is ailean to the African culture and terrain. When to indulge and when to delineate or demarcate boundaries. 0542071082

EC matters For this Jean Mensah girl, some of her facial gestures will kill libido in a man who has been on aphrodisiac portions of Alomo and Atagwe ginger combined. How did the white folk believe Charlotte Osei could solve the dispute in the most dangerous terrain on earth ,Afgarnistan? Sometimes all you need is a good erection to get a man focussed. The job appointments are coming in droves including UN appointment. When you have an refree who responds to the name Jean which is a multigenda name the likelihood is she’s lost bearing or convoluted in thinking. Her associate won’t help her cause either. When I was in 1st year Eric Bossman was in the final year. At Mensah Sarbah hall ,When the table of men* call was made to feature in soccer competition he preferred to spectate. Not once did I notice him on the field. All of a sudden you have the benefit of 4wheel drive and security detail and Air condition offices plus enhanced salary you feel you are TOO MUCH A MAN.I don’t consider Ghanaian political scientists intellectual enough. When I was in the department my minimum grade was B+ though I lay in bed to revise mostly. I felt higher calling that’s why I threw away Political Science. If your good judgement or allegiance can be bought with money and appointment then you are all but intellectual… When there’s an inferno in Ghana it will consume us all. Including all the resplendent treasures hidden in clothes that were on public display just about 30 years ago when girls were pre-teen. A refree must assume the posture of Baldness of Italian Collina or firmness/physical fitness of Howard Webb of England appropriately. Those trademarks earned them the world’s greatest in their era. Miss Jean Mensah could consider oestrogen supplements to enhance her female attributes and wardrobe enhancement. For a woman you need not shout back at the madmen. LOL. And you might be meaning well with a new voters register but the grace and wisdom to which you added your request. ALL YOU REQUIRE ARE BEAUTY ENHANCEMENT TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND KNOW WHO REALLY IS IN CHARGE. And who God made refined of man…! And dumb man! . ‘Absolute illiteracy and increasing mutations in real as against mutant intellectuality and stomach patriotism are demeaning the Sacrosanct high office of EC and taken it to the level of Second clothes Negotiating’. The EC must be among the golden vessels unto honor like in our homes 2 Timothy 2:20.” quote Eric Nutekpor. 2 things Jean must accomplish : #Rare public appearance or political platform appearance . She must delegate as much as possible and emerge only to tackle stubborn matters.# To get the mystism of the the EC back. The reverence accorded them under Afari Djan. Their Sacrosanct image. She might consider going bald lol

The African leadership disease(ALD)/tipping point. Diseases have afflicted man since creation. Malnutrition, Leprosy ,Lunacy ,Aids, The Dutch disease (associated with Oil rich Nations) today diabetes, obesity…etc etc. Even Nkrumah suffered from ALD. A young inexperienced man in proportion to the renown leadership of the UGCC. He was invited to spearhead the efforts of the UGCC movement. But Nkrumah was no God. And like all mortals he was fallible.Histroy has to note this. He was a mortal who had built his capacity so much he appeared God. Herod in the Bible was eaten by worms when he failed to ascribe to God glory for his brilliance. The almighty God shares greatness/glory with no other If it’s true that our vice president was responsible for the match by headporters kayayei on the 63rd independence parade! headportage a blight on our conscience!,Then shame on him. If I were him I will go into seclusion for a whole week and pray to Allah to obtain mercy and forgiveness. The head houses the most powerful computer known to man. Even the creator himself housed it in the cranium. You damage the brain to your own detriment. Have you noticed head porters balancing precariously under deep freezers while weaving their way around vehicles. OH GH! THE MATCH WAS A CASE OF ENTRENCHING SLAVERY. AT 63rd birthday a retired person should be thinking of hot sauna baths…grandchildren who bring him breakfast in bed…trips/supervision to landed property and capital projects…hot coffee while attending to Dow Jones forecasts and stock markets and delightful newspaper/magazines, General tourism.. The Israel of Africa..the most civilised black nation on earth…the Gold Coast of the world. Even God himself appreciates gold. God must have used the corridor of Ghana for recreation or something. There’s gold everywhere. The young man Nkrumah was so fixated on ending colonial domination he wanted to delink any vestiges/remnants of the whiteman man. He was radicalized.He called the new country Ghana. He needed to cool off. Aggrey said the white and black Keyes must be played in tandem. At 63 we have cut ties comprehensively. Let’s add Gold coast back to our name. Ours will not be the longest name. Democratic republic of Congo. Nswatiland or something like that. Ghana Gold Coast or Gold Coast Ghana is not too mouthful.GH for GGC. TO REMIND US… ALL OF US WHERE WE ARE CALLING FROM: LAND OF GOLD ! No one thought Night Soil carrying will end in Gh. No one thought the shoe shine boys drama will ever end. No one believes economic migration brain drain…will end. Let’s believe we will wake to see kayayei no more. Head portage no more! Finally a seed money from Dangote or Despite or Kennedy Agyapong to launch studies into the African leader’s disease ALD. This is a variant/different strain of Abraham Lincoln’s *absolute power corrupts absolutely*. or tipping point. Only Mandela and Rawlings…….mention others on your comments PLEASE were uninfected. No Mr vice President empty calabash cannot sink in a river.. he who is down needs fear no FALL deeaa we don’t agree!!

Sir , A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF ADMISSION …..I found myself on admission at the Topmost mental health facility In Ghana PANTANG.Ward 3. At almost the same time as the following 4 distinctive guys….Samuel, Oppong, Martino, winner of Mr Pantang, And one dreaded guy i call the giant. So I will progress from the most simple grade to the most complicated. The interesting thing about Samuel is he had become such a talkative. He was a married man. A faithful wife brought homechow* almost on a daily basis. He talked from morning to evening. What the Psychologists call Logorrhoea. As a result he had been beaten severely with life threatening injuries. Folk felt the best way to shut him up was threaten him/slap him at the mouth. Oppong was stoutly built. Just over 6ft tall. With fine features. Matcho features well contoured body and a generally handsome disposition. Oppong had May be gotten into a fight with a vicious character or villain . The fellow had visited cutlass wounds all over his upper torso making a tattoo of cutlass wounds. I feared him for this and he also revered me for my intellectual capacity. He boasts of how he was GRADUATE of most dangerous prison posts in Gh. Occasionally he will take a swipe at me but I won’t respond.He could be dangerous considering the near death experience.. cutlass wounds exhibition . He arrogated to himself the job of disciplinning renegade elements among us. Oppong’s very good friend was a Martino.A Bleoobi. Of northern extraction and the 2 joined forces to discipline the Giant who’s tale is towards the end. Martino was addicted to cigarettes and while in the yard he had access to weed which he smoked occasionally. And when he did the smell of weed took over your nostrils when you were engaging him. Martino and Oppong had mutual respect for each other and. Therefore never fought one another. There was this recovered patient who was paired with us to serve as catrer. He dished out food for us after it was brought and took to washing of the dishes and mopping floors and other assignments as he was given. He was no frugally built guy.I don’t remember what caused the conflict but Martino gave him a headbart that he will remember for the rest of his life. With scars of wounds and swollen cheek and what have you. I had a few brushes with Martino but avoided his twin, Oppong. The Giant was imposed on us in a flash. He had manly features. A very huge feet that could have been constructed by the Maker to instill fear. Huge fingers. Huge torso. Huge Head. Facial features that were just contoured to send message of do not trespass across. The Giant had lost self control and was beating people all over. The little thing and you obtain a headbart or spank or insult. It took the combined EFFORTS of policemen and unbreakable cords and other guys to get him into this facility. Yeah, you guessed right ,the isolation room was his natural abode. He had visited there more than anyone else and at midnight when the whole camp was dozing off with mostly sleep inducing element in our psychotic drugs he came alive… ! He felt he could tear down the Gates of the isolation room. With screems that felt the devil had visited.Even Samson in his elements will be careful with such a gate considering how skilllfullly the craftsmen had considered in. building it. At midnight you heard the yell followed by shouts and long periods of soliloquy you have ever been treated to. Where he complained about any and everything. He had been severally beaten by the inmates who were also on the tipping edge and wanted avenues to vent their anger. Oppong and Martino also combined forces to beat him. As much as he could easily handle them individually when they combined forces they were fierce. We also had, WARD 3 winning the annual Mr PANTANG award. The authorities of the hospital fetted the clients as they prefer to call us and invited dignitaries media and society to a party at the open square at Christmas . I wont want any shame of such sort visited on my image. The cameras were around. inmates were required to show the latest dance moves and significantly choreographed expression in dance. Our colleague worn hands down! Because while all the competitors came with the latest Azonto moves which was the dance move in vogue…he chose not to do Azonto at all or he wasn’t too accomplished with the Azonto dance move so did his own thing. Adowa or something to that effect.As the case may be the stone the builders rejected became the chief corner stone. Very stiff Azonto competition so the odd one out was chosen . WARD THREE worn Mr PANTANG for this year. He showed us a elegant pic of himself on a hurriedly constructed throne and showed us other gifts he had been showered with. I remember he telling me he was with the security services or something close to that. To conclude….time and space will not be enough to tell tales of kafui a KNUST guy who can give you the chemical formular for building the latest Atomic bomb and had a jotter with a collection of other formulae for . AND our scientist could go for a week without a bath leaving a bad stench. HE ONLY, was permitted to leave the secured gates of our WARD to as it were ruminate over ideas and make relevant scientific conclusions roaming the facility . There were Muslims and Myself . Believed an accomplished intellectual who answered correctly all the standard questions,Maths or English of a 4 round inhouse Quiz competition plus all the bonuses that came my way leaving an unbelievable huge gap between myself and the losers. I earned the love of the beautiful/exotic Matron of the ward who took the liberty to invite me for a chart at the least opportunity. She had forgotten I was a madman* under her care. The kind of things women fall for. Our Romance was summarily interrupted! … but I was battling bipolar disorder. I’m better now thanks to grace and favour of God as enshrined in his most holyword. I know I expose myself unnecessarily in the mirky African terrain* because opponents can gather arsenal against me incase I try prominent ventures such as Politics or civil service or .With this, I today declare my Presidential ambitions. The forces of Evil. THE demons in mothers lineage. Father’s lineage. THEY CAN MANIFEST/MULTIPLY and congregate or convocate as palpably/delectibly or as numerous as One Man thousand fish combo with Abolo or Yaka Yake. ALL the powers from the Volta Region . I MATCH YOU WITH THE INVISIBLE/SUPERIOR FORCE OF THE GOD OF ISRAEL. YOU CANT DERAIL my ambitions to rule Ghana one day after This Mahama and Nana Addo MADNESS is over and after OKUDZATO ABLAKWA AND OPPONG NKRUMAH have had their turns.Weed smokers have ruled Ghana how much less someone who only knows the taste! May be 30 yrs time. These events took place about 10yrs ago and it was interesting recounting though details must have been skipped. Kofi Nutekpor 0542071082 .

Very special kind of admission

8th wonder of the world Human traffic at 6am Saturday at the Madina market So I was taking a jog to my routine Saturday keep fit club meeting. I took a rather unfamiliar circuitous route. When I realized I wasn’t getting there fast enough I decided to cut corners and ended up being held in traffic for over 30minutes, of vehicles, wheel barrows, motor bikes ,humans ,truck pushers all stuck In what is perhaps an African wonder. The only other wonder we lay claim to, the pyramids. Mr. President you promised to protect the rights and liberties, social, economic liberties etc of Ghanaians. I hear there are Architectural drawings to build various malls in Madina but the political will is lacking as a result of emotional upheavals, intoxicatd sentiments, and conflict of interest. It’s said after Accra market, Madina is the next largest market. Evaluate the structural integrity of the lots of stories springing up all over. I bet you will come to the conclusion they are death traps. And then our dear northerner neighbors economic migrants engaged in misguided missile and inferiority (deferiority…..if there’s a concept like that) complex and and…. The Accra Mall story has had only one single case of structural collapse since its opening over 10 yrs ago. And the mall could be described as a decent economic hub churning out million and thousands of economic output, employment, social and psychological and health benefits ….. Well being .Scientific, Sports ,. In proverbs 6: 17 David says there are seven things that are an abomination to the lord. Haughty eyes, A lying tongue Hands that shed innocent blood A heart that devices evil plans Feet that make haste to run to evil A false witness who breaths out lies And one who sows discord among brothers I must add, my concept ….And almost divergence/wedge between the Blackman (myself included) and common sense Proverbs 8; 11 for wisdom is better than jewels Human parts, magic portions, spiritual charms, Crime, Banned sex and illicit drugs, Aphrodisacs, prostitution… all find their way in markets at the blind side of law enforcement. It’s akin to drudgery weaving around the labyrinths -pin holes and maze of the African market square. African women are experts indeed. Once I asked whether all women at the market made sales at the end of day… And I was told The Eyes of the Mawu Sogbolisa is even on the little sparrow. Blackman black sense? Even in the dreamland of America. Some great colored sportsmen? Entertainers? earn multi millions of dollars in their prime and declare virtually bankrupt few years down the lane … in adulthood. And in the case of the black beauties their ‘enviable goods’ are on public display in Movies and TV networks in the name of modeling infecting us here on the continent because we don’t have ideas such as PG,censorship etc magazines Promiscuity is alien to the African. DAUGHERS OF AFRICA COVER…UP! DISCLAIMER I HAVE NEVER SET FOOT IN America..My knowledge is mainly TV and magazines. May be TV content doesn’t necessarily reflect BLACK America AND PERHAPS SKEWD ABOUT SOME INFINITESIMAL…GUYS Now back to beloved Madina Market .How do we associate or practice marketing concepts such as branding, market segmentation, Market research, Focus group discussion during Market research, Price skimming, Services marketing..Heterogeneity in services delivery. Price penetration, Psychological pricing, Odd pricing ,bearing in mind proverbs 11 verse 1 A false balance is an abomination to the lord…….3 the integrity of the upright guides them but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. About 5 Accra mall like facilities can constructed at the Madina market square. One behind the Police station, One behind the Hollywood building About three at the main market and la nkwantanan area Tis just food for thought and we shouldn’t engage in any automatic political reaction reaction! The cathedral may have to wait No 0542071082